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  • Susan Elias

Why Hypnotherapy?

3 good reasons

1. It's highly effective and transformative.

Many of us know exactly what we should be doing to address the situations we're unhappy with. When we want to lose weight, we know we shouldn't eat emotionally, and that we should finally get around to exercising. We understand that logically, it's extremely unlikely that we'll be involved in a plane crash, so we should just book that long-awaited holiday. And when we're ready to quit smoking we know that we simply shouldn't light up that cigarette!

And yet...

Sometimes those shoulds and shouldn'ts seem to only take us so far, before we reach a seemingly insurmountable hurdle that even the strongest willpower just can't quite conquer. This is because we're trying to address these issues on a purely conscious level, which is like applying a band aid over an internal wound. Sooner or later, we need to deal with the root cause.

While other talking therapies deal with the conscious mind — hypnotherapy engages your subconscious. This is where all your experiences, knowledge, memories and habits and stored, even when you're unaware of them from a conscious point of view.

A phobia for example, may have been triggered by an event during childhood. The sufferer is usually unable to recall this trigger with the conscious mind. Hypnotherapy helps us to reprocess these triggers allowing phobias to be left behind for good.

2. It's faster and more affordable than conventional therapy.

While some talking therapies can require commitments of a year or more, hypnotherapy tends to be a much faster solution. The average length of time spent with a client is around 4-5 sessions spaced usually over a couple of months or less, along with recordings included to use at home and finally being instructed in self-hypnosis. These create sustainable changes which some have been trying to implement for years.

So, not only will a course of hypnotherapy not take up too much of your time, it also works out to be much more affordable

3. It's versatile and applicable to many different ailments.

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of problems. You may be familiar with hypnotherapy being used for weight loss, stopping smoking and phobias but did you know it can also be used for childbirth, confidence, chronic pain and insomnia?

A legitimate boost in academic or sporting performance has also been proven. Students have found that a course of hypnotherapy increases their information retention for exams and assignments.

Hypnotherapy will help you actualize your potential! Look online for qualified hypnotherapists registered with the NZ Society of Clinical and Applied Hypnotherapy.

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