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$100 per appointment. Take home recordings, specifically designed therapies and exercises are included in the cost.


First appointments last up to 90minutes with subsequent appointments lasting less than and hour. 

In the First Session, I sit down with you and spend some time gaining information, finding out what you have experienced, what you would like to change about yourself. Then once I have more information, I am then able to recommend a way forward. I take the time to explain how Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy work, and how they apply to your individual situation.

The average number of sessions is 4-5 however it can alter dependent on what needs to be worked on and with. Again, once I have more information I am then able to outline a program and provide more details.

I teach Self-Hypnosis at some stage of your Program. Self-Hypnosis is an amazing tool that is helpful in behavior change but also provides a mechanism for you to maintain what you have achieved in your work with me and continue to improve ongoing independent from me.

Clinic Hours

Please contact me to arrange an appointment. Clinics are generally Monday and Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings. 

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